Notable Cases

VERDICT OBTAINED – Complex Commercial Litigation:

Anthony C. Mengine tried a complex Commercial Litigation case in Conway County, South Carolina arising out of a failed business venture between several partners. The case alleged fraud against a co-partner resulting in a business failure. In the spring of 2013, Mr. Mengine secured a verdict of 2.6 million dollars. The verdict included punitive damages against the partner who committed the fraud.

SETTLEMENT OBTAINED – Medical Negligence/Death Claim:

George Kontos recently obtained a significant (confidential) settlement against an anesthesiologist who failed to appropriate place a tracheostomy tube into the client’s husband’s airway. The doctor did not do the proper tests to ensure that the tube was correctly placed, which led to a lack of oxygen and death. The case was litigated over the course of several years and was settled on the eve of trial.

SETTLEMENT OBTAINED – Personal Injury; Motor Vehicle Accident:

Attorneys at Kontos Mengine Law Group represented a 50 year old woman from Pittsburgh, PA for injuries she sustained in an automobile accident in Wheeling, WV. Our client was struck by a West Virginia Department of Transportation vehicle and sustained a serious injury to her neck that required surgery and the insertion of hardware. Leading up to the scheduled trial, the defendant did not make an offer despite the severity of our client’s injury and related surgery. In addition, our client had a lien in excess of $50,000 that would need to be satisfied through any settlement or verdict. On the eve of trial, Anthony C. Mengine and Brittani R. Hassen mediated the case in West Virginia and obtained a settlement in the amount of $400,000. Additionally, Mr. Mengine and Ms. Hassen negotiated with the lien holder and were able to get the lien reduced by more than $20,000. Our client may need another surgery in the future and the settlement obtained by attorneys at Kontos Mengine Law Group will assist in taking care of any future medical expenses.

VERDICT OBTAINED – Personal Injury; Premises Liability:

George Kontos recently obtained an $86,000 verdict on behalf of his client who fell when he stepped into a hole located on the edge of a sidewalk that was under the control of a multi-unit apartment complex. Although the accident happened during the day, the defect was difficult to see, and although the property owner knew of its existence, they failed to fix the defect, and instead took the position that the City of Pittsburgh was responsible to repair the hole. Our client underwent surgery on his hand as a result of the fall, and missed several months of work as well. The pretrial offer made by the Defendant before trial was $5,000.

SETTLEMENT OBTAINED – Personal Injury; Motor Vehicle Accident:

George Kontos recently obtained a $450,000 settlement for the victim of a motorcycle accident who sustained fractures to his hip and legs when the driver of a car proceeding in the opposite direction made an unexpected and illegal U-turn into his path. The defendant claimed that the client was speeding prior to the accident, and was unwilling to settle the case based on that position. After taking extensive discovery and investigation into the happening of the accident the case was settled a few weeks before trial was scheduled to begin.

VERDICT OBTAINED – Personal Injury; Motor Vehicle Accident:

Our client, a 45 year old year old female from Freedom, Pa, was involved in an automobile accident and was represented by attorneys at Kontos Mengine Law Group. The defendant rear-ended our client, alleged he slid on ice, and denied liability in the case. While our client’s cervical injury cannot be repaired with surgery, she will be required to undergo further medical treatment for the rest of her life due to the injuries sustained in the accident. Prior to trial, a minimal offer of $1,500 was made to our client. Brittani R. Hassen took the case to trial in Beaver County in May 2014 and obtained a $75,000 verdict for our client. This will allow our client to receive the continuing medical care that her doctors believe is reasonable and necessary.

Fayette County, PA (School Negligence)

Our client, a 17-year-old female from Uniontown, Pennsylvania was severally injured while at school. Because of the negligence of the school district, several bleaches collapsed on the high school junior and she suffered personal injury. Her injuries included an ankle fracture, nasal fracture, dental fractures and permanent scarring. As a result of negotiations, Anthony C. Mengine secured a six-figure settlement.

Allegheny County, PA (Personal Injury and Social Security Disability)

A 38-year-old male was involved in an automobile accident and was represented by the attorneys at Kontos Mengine Law Group. After learning of the severity of his injuries and inability to return to work, Katie A. Killion represented him in an effort to secure social security disability. After providing vigorous representation at the hearing, the client ultimately received a lump sum award and continuing monthly SSD payments. These payments helped him tremendously while the KMLG attorneys resolved his personal injury suit.

VERDICT OBTAINED – Personal Injury; Assault:

Brittani R. Hassen defended a civil action against a former Pittsburgh Steeler who was sued for assault and battery. The lawsuit revolved around an alleged bar fight between the Plaintiff and Ms. Hassen’s client that supposedly occurred at Station Square in 2012. Throughout the legal proceedings, Ms. Hassen’s client vehemently denied coming into contact with the Plaintiff in any manner whatsoever. Ms. Hassen tried the case in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas in January 2015 and successfully obtained a defense verdict in favor of her client.

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