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Who We Are

Kontos and Mengine Law GroupAlmost 25 years ago, Tony Mengine and George Kontos graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and began their journey. As young lawyers, both were eager to start their careers and use their newly acquired legal skills to help others. Tony and George believed that they could make justice possible. Although they remained very close friends throughout the years, they chose different career paths. Both were absolutely committed to helping others and pursued careers with an emphasis on representing injured plaintiffs.

For over the past 20 years, George and Tony have represented those without a voice. They have represented injured Plaintiffs in pursuit of making justice possible.

In January 2014, George and Tony decided to team up and create a new firm – Kontos Mengine Law Group.

We believe that we are on a journey to do incredible things. We believe we can make justice possible. In this pursuit, we have hired three other trial-experienced attorneys, Katie A. Killion, Brittani R. Hassen, and Claire McGee. Our vision and focus will always remain the same. We will continue to represent injured parties. However, we are able to offer many other services. In addition to representing injured parties in motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall incidents, etc., we also represent diverse clients in medical malpractice, products liability, criminal defense, unemployment matters, social security disability, contract and transactional matters and landlord/tenant actions.

As always, we are willing to meet you anywhere regarding a potential case, free of charge. We provide ordinary people with an opportunity to pursue justice against any opponent. This simply means that, in most instances, you never pay a cent until you are compensated for your injuries. In each passing day, our journey continues and we strive to make justice possible. We look forward to continuing our journey with past, present and future clients.

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